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Zsuzsanna Hanna BÍRÓ,  PhD

Tel.: +36-1-577-0500
Postal address: 11 Danko utca Budapest H-1086


Pedagogy is a word derived from Greek roots that literally translates to the idea of leading a child. In English, the word receives numerous definitions, most related to education.  It is the art of teaching, its theory, its practice, and its methods. Sticklers for definition point out that the word should only be applicable to children and sometimes suggest that practice of, methods for, and theories about teaching adults should be called andragogy. Whether or not pedagogy in all its senses is consciously defined, most forms of formal teaching involve it, in several ways. This has always been true. Teachers enter classrooms or other settings with theories or ideas on how best to teach, they decide what materials to cover, and these underlying principals inform their actions and subjects in teaching settings.

At the John Wesley Theological College, the training of each Bachelor degree program in the full-time course is 6 semesters. The goal of the Department of Pedagogy is to develop experts who can collaborate effectively in the operation of public educational and pedagogical systems after graduation. They receive such preparatory training that they can be profitably employed in high quality communicational, psychological, sociological and pedagogical activities in different fields of culture and economics, and also in private life. The BA program in Education Science offers the practical and theoretical basics of pedagogy in 6 semesters. Their expertise will be needed in schools, children’s institutions, supreme authorities, high-level administration of local authorities, municipalties, professional services, labor centers, special academic administrations, museums, educational institutes, non-profit organizations, establishments, social and religious organizations and educational ventures. At the same time they may prepare for the post gradual degree program at a high level. During the training process, students will prepare to enhance the quality of life; developing the full potential of each individual, group and community in schools and educational administration centers; and pursuing social services. Students must work hard to achieve positive growth within the personal, social and environmental context of teaching and learning areas; addressing the barriers faced by people in achieving their interest of gaining knowledge and encouraging families to involve or taking part to achieve the objectives of pedagogy.

Academic staff
NameE-mail Speciality List of publications
Zsuzsanna KÁDÁR, PhD, Lecturerzskadar@t-online.huSociologyMTMT
Zsuzsanna Hanna BÍRÓ PhD, Head of Departmentbirozsh@wjlf.huPedagogyMTMT
Borbála BLANDL PhD, Assistant Prof.blandlbori@gmail.comPhilosophyMTMT
Tibor Bors BORBÉLY-PECZE, Dr, Habil, Associate Prof.borsborbely@yahoo.comVocational GuidanceMTMT_borbelyptb
Mariann BORBÉLY-PECZE, Associate Prof.peczemariann@yahoo.comSocial WorkMTMT_borbelypm
András CSEPREGI, PhD, Associate Prof.andras.csepregi@lutheran.huTheologyMTMT_csepregia
Szabolcs FEKETE, PhD,
Éva GEDŐ, PhD, MTMT_gedoe
György HONTI,  Lecturerhontigy@freemail.huDramapedagogyMTMT_hontigy
Zsuzsanna HORVÁTH, PhD,  
Márta HUBAINÉ MUZSNAI, PhD, Lecturermuzsnaimarta@gmail.comTheological and Clinical PsychologyMTMT_hubainemm
Imre KABAI, PhD, Associate Prof.kabaiimre@gmail.comSociologyMTMT_kabaii
Ildikó KERTAI SZABÓ, PhD, Associate Prof.szildi58@gmail.comTheologyMTMT_kertaiszi
János LADÁNYI, DSc, Professorjanos.ladanyi@yahoo.comSociologyMTMT_ladanyij
Péter LUKÁCS, CSc, Professorlukacsp@ella.huPedagogy, Sociology, Political ScienceMTMT_lukacsp
Júlia MINK, PhD, Associate Prof.manna42@gmail.comLegal WritingMTMT_minkj
Péter Tibor NAGY, DSc, Professornagypetertibor2014@gmail.comPedagogyMTMT_nagypt
János WILDMANN, CSc, Associate Prof.wildmann@t-online.huTheologyMTMT_wildmannj
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