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Dr.  Zsuzsanna Hanna Bíró
associate professor

Tel.: +36 20 974 5392

Adél Németh

Tel.:+36 1 210-5400 /225



Our mission is to contribute to the harmonic coexistence of human society and natural environment

For this purpose we train experts who have up to date knowledge on the operation of environmental systems and understand the challenges of sustainable use of environmental resources. 

Our graduated students are ready to take part in the assessment of environmental imoacts of human activities, mitigation and restoration of the damaged environmental systems and manage the impacts of environmental disasters or human society. 

Academic staff
Name Status
B. Anna Aczél 
B. Zsuzsanna Kádár 
 Zsuzsanna Hanna Biróassociate professor
Tibor Bors Borbély-Peczeassociate professor
András Csepregiassociate professor
Erzsébet Donkó 
Szabolcs Fekete 
György Honti 
Ágnes Kende 
Gergely Kovács 
Péter Lukácsprofessor emeritus
Andrea Midlingassociate professor
Júlia Mink 
Péter Tibor Nagy 
 István Nahalka 
Szilvia Németh 
Dénes P. Szabó 
Nikolett Rékasiresearch associate
Katalin Strasser 
Ágota Szekeres 
Éva Thun 
János Wildmannassociate professor



Research projects
 Past event

Dr. habil. Zsuzsanna Plank presented her research results at an international seminar.

Subject: Environmental monitoring

(click on the image to access the full video)

Dr. habil. Zsuzsanna Plank presented at the annual European Association of Geoscientists and Engineers (EAGE) conference.
Subject: Determining the environmental impact of geophysical measurements 

Title of the presentation: Quantification method of environmental impact of geophysical field operations

Link of conference:

Link of presentation: EAGE2020 – YouTube

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