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Hungary has a well-respected higher education system comprising of public and private universities and colleges which offer a board array of courses. According to the Academic Ranking of World Universities – Hungarian Universities are among the best Universities of Central Europe. In the recent decade Hungary has become the most popular destination for international students in all of Central Europe. Every academic year, several hundreds of international students begin their university and college studies in different prestigious Hungarian Higher Institutes. For the past twenty years, over 10,000 international students have attended Hungarian higher education. Hungary’s European Union membership also means that its degrees awarded by Universities and Colleges are directly transferrable and accepted for professional purposes to other EU countries. Hungarian higher education is an integral part of the international higher education system of Europe. The increasing number of students, professors and the democratically appointed leadership of the autonomous universities and colleges cooperate in the necessary development of higher education in accordance with the Bologna Statement. The Bologna experience turned attention to those questions whose questions that were put forward by the European Union as well in order to ensure the free flow of workforce and intellectual assets.

Hungary has a dual higher education system comprising of 18 state universities, 14 State colleges, 25 religious institutions (colleges and universities), 14 private and foundation schools and 6 colleges of foreign countries established in Hungary. Hungarian higher education roots back to more than 600 years of academic excellence. The first university was found in Pécs, located in the southern region of Hungary, in 1367.

Hungary signed the Bologna Declaration in 1999, the Bologna Process was implemented to those who started their university education from September 2006. From the academic year 2006/2007, all students entering higher education in Hungary have been studying in two-cycle system that consists of courses leading to a Bachelor and later on to a Master’s degree. The primary objective of the Bologna Process was to establish the European Higher Education Area by 2010.

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