Social Work
Department of Social Work

Head of Department

Kerstin UDVARDI,  PhD

Tel.: +36-1-577-0500
Postal address: 11 Danko utca Budapest H-1086


Social workers are committed to enhancing quality of life; developing the full potential of each individual, group and community in society; and pursuing social justice. Social work entails working to achieve positive growth within the personal, social and environmental context of everyday life; addressing the barriers faced by people in achieving their aims; and assisting individuals, families and communities to manage complex and diverse challenges. These may be related to personal issues, relationship concerns, economic disadvantage, or to any of a wide range of problems encountered in the community.

The task of the Social Work Department is, as its name implies, to train social workers. Social work is a helping profession. The task of a social worker is to assist individuals, families and groups in trouble, in difficult situation or to deal with extraordinary problems that are greater than their problem solving abilities. The goal of the social worker is to help their clients get back to their normal routine.

The department of Social Work at the John Wesley Theological College prepares individuals for the helping profession of social worker.   Social work is a complex activity which demands the technical knowledge of several divisions of science. So in the social work program, specific knowledge – as it applies to individuals, families and certain groups and their place within the society – is emphasized. Among the subjects are social history, sociology, psychology, theory and practice of communication, political science, law and economics.

Academic staff



Arató Gergely

Bagdi Tímea

Bánlaky Pál

Baranyi Mária

Barna Kisanna

Bartusné Szabó Eleonóra

Bernáth Gábor

Borbély Pecze Tibor Bors

Borbély-Pecze Mariann

Bukovics István

Csatlós Ágnes;

Csíki Lóránt

Csíkiné Sári Adél

Csolti Ildikó

Csorba József

Deákné Orosz Zsuzsa

Donkó Erzsébet

Erős Máté

Farkas Barnabás

Földvári Andrea

Frank Sándor

Funk Sándor

Gallusné Szabó Edit

Gombocz Eszter

Granasztói Szilvia

Hajdú-Sárcsevity Bea

Haskó László

Herczeg Kinga

Horváth Aladár

Horváth Lajos

Iványi András

Iványi Gábor

Jakab Gyöngyi

Kabai Imre

Kádár Katalin Marianna

Katona Csilla

Király Klára

Kiss Györgyi

Kocsis Erzsébet

Korazim-Kőrösy Yossi

Kőszeghyné Simorádi Viktória

Lábadyné Bacsinszky Emőke

Ladányi János

Liling Tamás

Mink Júlia

Moldova Ágnes

Molnár Endréné

Molnár István János

Morvainé Nagy Mária

Nagy Alexandra Anna

Nemes Judit

Németh Zsolt

Ozsegovics Ágnes

Páli Judit Éva

Papp Ákos

Pásztor Márta

Pataki Józsefné

Sipos B. Bernadett;

Stribik Anna

Szilárd József

Takács Imre

Tari Mária

Udvari Kerstin

Verbics Petra;

Walkené dr. Galambos Erzsébet

Zombai Tamás

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