Wesley is in the 8th district of Budapest, called Józsefváros or Josefstadt in German, it is the part of the city centre in the wider sense as one of the 18-19th century older suburbs, close to the city centre.  The inner part of District 8 is becoming the new-cool part of Budapest. Increasingly more locals and plugged-in tourists find refuge in this peaceful neighbourhood lined with pretty pre-war residential homes as they escape the tourist-saturated Jewish Quarter just a few blocks away. The College has its own campus dormitory with cheap accomodation possibilities for international students.




The application must be accompanied by an income certificate.The applicant shall be informed on the decision of the Dormitory Committee within 15 days.The accommodation is done in multi-person dwellings. In general, two rooms share a common bathroom. Bed linen is provided if necessary or you can use your own. *Handicapped students are given a 50% discount (the request is considered similarly to the social scholarship).

Accomodation fee

Full time, state financed students:*  15.000 Ft/month
Full time, self-financed students:* 20.000 Ft/month
International students:25.000 Ft/month
Students from other institute of higher education20.000 Ft/month
Other occasions:25.000 Ft/month
Part time students 2.000 Ft/night
Other guests4.000 Ft/night

Each inhabitant must pay a deposit of 10.000 Ft before moving in. The deposit is paid back after the keys are returned and the room equipment is delivered intact.

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