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The Department of Theology and Religious Studies at John Wesley Theological College has in the past been closely linked to the pastoral training already provided by the Hungarian Evangelical Fellowship before 1989, which was expanded to include other secular courses after the 1990s. In the decades that have passed, our religious studies courses have partly adapted to the structure of other ecclesiastical courses in Hungary and abroad, but at the same time they have also developed their own distinctive features.

The ecumenical commitment is emphasised in our training, as evidenced by the denominational diversity of the teachers of our faculty. Post-Soah Western theological thinking is characterised by an emphasis on Judeo-Christian dialogue, and an effort to renew our theological thinking in this area. This also includes an understanding of the history and culture of Judaism. Alongside the classical theological studies, these subjects are an important part of our training.

We strive to prepare our students, both as theologians and as teachers of theology, for the challenges of the future. We aim to train professionally prepared people who are both broad-minded and committed to social issues, but also mentally equipped to cope with our rapidly changing world. Developing the freedom and commitment, the autonomy of thought and the humility needed to be ready for constant self-education are the main aspirations of our work in the department.

Academic staff
Dr. László Bogná
Dr. Katalin Boreczky
Dr. Tamás Czövek
Dr. Borbála
Dr. András
Dr. Eszter Ilona Gombocz
Dr. Péter
Dr. Márta Hubainé
Dr. Gábor Ivá
Mónika Iványi-Papp
Dr. Tamás Kanyó
Dr. Andor
Dr. Ildikó Kertai-Szabó
 Tünde M.
Dr. Andrea
Dr. Gyula Viktor Vattamá
Dr. Petra
Dr. János Wildmann
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