CV for Dr Agnes Kory

(Including education, publications, awards, thesis title, examiners, academic/public presentations but not including activities as a professional cellist and music teacher)

I obtained my PhD five months ago, in October 2018. My academic education, which was fully self-funded throughout, was negotiated alongside my activities as a music teacher and professional cellist. I am now committed to long years of full academic focus, in particular on Holocaust issues. For the past eleven years I researched, published and publicly presented Holocaust themes. I am now fully focused on my Holocaust project.


Grammar school, Budapest (to age 18)

Bela Bartok Conservatoire of Music, Budapest (for five years; to age 18)
Royal Academy of Music, London (for three years; degree obtained: DipRAM)

University of London (degrees obtained: BMus, MMus and MPhil; MPhil awarded in 2005)
MPhil thesis title: ‘Bartók and Ethnomusicology’

MPhil thesis examiners: Dr Richard Widdess and Dr Iren Kertesz Wilkinson
University of Manchester (degree obtained: PhD; awarded in October 2018)

PhD thesis title: ‘Tenor Violin or Tenor Cello? Problems of Identification and Repertoire’.
PhD thesis examiners: Professor Rebecca Herissone and Professor Robin Stowell


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