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Education at the Theological Faculty of the John Wesley Theological College focuses on three targets: a) training students who have a calling to become pastors, spiritual and catechetical ministers within the Hungarian Evangelical Fellowship, the church that maintains our institute; b) training theologians and pastors who wish to serve God’s word in other churches. (Our students also have the opportunity to study denominational subjects at accredited institutions of higher education maintained by other churches.); c) imparting the disciplinary elements of theology.
These studies enable our students to increase their knowledge and deepen their responsiveness toward matters of values and life. They get acquainted with the basic issues of Christian faith and tradition; study the depth of theology and religious science, the related conceptual and scientific system, as well as the traditions of the Hungarian Evangelical Fellowship and/or of their own denomination. Besides developing research skills, they also have the opportunity to attain broad knowledge of cultural, social and sociological sciences.
It follows from the testimonial character of Christianity and from the Wesleyan tradition, that theological studies cannot be limited to theoretical knowledge and to the imparting of the symbolical and theoretical system of values of the Gospel. A likewise important component of pastoral and theological identity and competence is the integration of knowledge at the highest personal level. One of the greatest ambitions of our education is that vocation should become imbued with one’s own authentic relationship to the Gospel, the heart of these studies. We find especially important that the preached word they impart throughout their ministries becomes intrinsic value and natural part of their own life. This is what we expect them to impart as future pastors in possession of the needed maturity, theoretical and methodological knowledge as well as communication skills.
A crucial element of our teaching curricula is to make our students acquainted with social values and charity. We believe that every man and woman is God’s child and each of us carries some special responsibility and devotion toward Jesus in his appearance in each of us.
In our devotion toward the service of the eternal values, we pursue our students to develop a high sensitiveness regarding the relation between God and man. For this purpose we pursue a confessionally open and respectful teaching, which invites for dialogue with other denominations, faiths and convictions.
We impart the value to minister the daily renewal of God’s peacemaking and reconciling work and ourselves as part of the teaching of the Script to endlessly seek and accept the other man.
As a consequence of our theological vision, we are especially devoted to the idea of the Jewish-Christian brotherhood and to the conviction that the Jewish-Christian relationship cannot be hostile.
We pay special attention to the various minorities, especially to the Romani people and to the socially most marginalized brothers. We wish to deepen the Samaritan attitude in our students as the responsibility given by God, towards the social outcast.



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